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We help you to find the best golf lesson deals in Dublin. Book a private lesson with the golf professionals for the best golf instructions. Learn different types of lessons including

  • Driving to increase distance
  • Fairway Woods
  • Utility Clubs and Irons
  • Gapping Reports
  • Improve Your Wedge Game
  • Pitching and Chipping
  • Bunkers Shots
  • Trackman Combine
  • Awkward Lie Shots and many more…

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About Golf Lessons Dublin

Awesome Golf Tuition & Instruction Starts Here

If you have some enthusiasm about golf, then you are in the right place. We provide quality golf lessons which not only remove life’s stress from your shoulders but also free your mind from the chains of day to day life. If you are looking for some better golf lesson and low score, just contact us.

We will look your current state of your game and also create custom improvement plan. Golf lessons Dublin provides dedicated coaches for different lessons. We specially provide golf lessons for kids and beginners as well. Just book a lesson and we will contact you as soon as possible to discuss further.

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The average cost of golf lesson may vary from €50 to €60 for a 30- to 45-minute private lesson. Instructors sometimes offer hour-long sessions for €75 to €90, which is a better overall value. Book a lesson now  to get the best offer.

Golf Lesson Dublin

Please select the category and just book an appointment. Then enjoy learning golf with the latest technology and award winning coaching & training both On Course & Off Course Training.

individual golf lessons
Individual Lessons

Receive world class private golf lessons from the professionals. Become a Consistent or Scratch player with video analysis, simulation and many more…

Group Lessons

Group golf lessons and instructions can be highly beneficial. It will give you some one-on-one time with a coach and also helps to tighten up a particular part of your game…

golf playing lessons
Playing Lessons

You will learn about player swing, fairways hit, greens in regulation (GIR), putts, up and downs, approach club, proximity to the hole, Penalties Score and many more…

Golf lessons for kids
Beginners & Kids

Golf lessons for kids are less expensive (100€/month). Semi-private lessons for kids and beginners may range from €150 to €200 per month…

How to play golf step by step?

Golf is not very easy to play. You need to have mental ability, athletic body, a lot of practice and of course the money. According to wikihow, the steps for start playing golf are below…

  1. Learn the object of the game
  2. Play the course by the order of holes
  3. Take your turn in your group
  4. Don’t move your ball on the course
  5. Keep score for each hole
  6. Win by having the lowest score at the end
  7. Try a Par 3 course when you’re starting out

Hear From Our Students About Dublin Golf Lessons

Golf lessons Dublin have a lots of happy students and parents. If you live in Dublin and you are thinking about taking golf lessons, be sure to give us a call.

"I am a brand new golfer and they have provided a great coach and instructor. He has taught me to use a variety of clubs, given me great ideas on drills to practice on my own, and helped me a great deal with my swing! I highly recommend them for all levels!"
Emma Charlotte
"I would highly recommend their instruction packages to anyone wanting to improve their game at any level."
Jack Daniels

So, Ready to start learning with Golf Lessons in Dublin?

We are enthusiastic, positive and provide excellent golfers and instructors. So, our teaching style is relaxed and highly personalized. Our rates are very fair and we will even work with you on packages that fit your budget and schedule, so that you feel you are getting the best for your investment!